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Latest Global Crypto Trends: From Bitcoin and CBDCs to DeFi and NFTs – what you need to know!

In this dynamic keynote, Henri shares the latest global developments taking place in the broader digital assets space and demonstrates to the audience why, DESPITE THE COLLAPSE OF FTX, crypto is here to stay and why its impact may be felt by everyone sooner than expected.

The keynote covers the latest developments taking place in digital assets with regulators, central banks, tech firms, traditional financial institutions, crypto exchanges, crypto investors, crypto asset managers, and other relevant verticals of the crypto ecosystem. In this dynamic keynote, the audience will understand the impact that the developments in the broader crypto ecosystem will have on the future of finance, from Bitcoin and CBDCs to NFTs and DeFi as well as the impact of enhanced regulations and institutionalization.

This keynote is ideal to awaken the audience to the level of sophistication in the crypto ecosystem, its latest trends, and their impact on the future of finance. As this is a new topic for many audiences, it can be particularly eye-opening and insightful.

Length: Available in formats from 15 to 60 minutes

Can include videos

Can be tailored for beginners or advanced audiences

Customised length and areas of focus can be tailored upon demand


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