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Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptoassets

This presentation, inspired by Henri’s fintech and crypto courses at the University of Hong Kong and his latest book, provides the audience with all the essential knowledge they need to understand Bitcoin and the broader digital assets space including: How Bitcoin works, What is crypto mining, The evolution of cryptocurrencies, Types of cryptoassets, ICOs/STOs/IEOs, Crypto exchanges,

Crypto funds, Central bank digital currencies, decentralised Finance (DeFi), NFTs, and more. It also reveals the latest global crypto developments – from Facebook’s Libra to central bank digital currencies – and explains their impact on traditional finance.

This presentation can be delivered as either a keynote or an educational

workshop. At the end, the audience will have a good understanding of the how,

what, and why of cryptoassets and be able to understand their impact on the

future of finance.

Length: Available in formats from 45 minutes to 3 hours

Can include videos

Can be tailored for beginners or advanced audiences

Customised length and areas of focus can be tailored upon demand


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